Minor League Baseball

The minor league baseball is a league of professional baseball that operates in the Americas and only competes at lower levels as compared to the major league baseball. This acts as a provider for development of skills for inexperienced players before they join the major league. Most of these minor leagues are mainly operated as independent businesses as compared to major pro-leagues and they are part of the umbrella organization the Minor League Baseball. The Minor League Baseball is under the Commission of Baseball. However it is not a must for the players at the minor baseball league to join the major baseball league.

The minor baseball league has become very popular over the years due to its affordability and many chances the fans get to see the matches and even the players. There are similarities between major baseball leagues but there are differences too. The two most important objectives of the minor baseball leagues are; to help in the development of novice players and forge a successful local business the minor baseball league is. The history of minor leagues goes back to 1882 when the first recognized minor league was organized. This league was called the Northwestern League. The minor league baseball which was formerly known as National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues is the organization that is responsible for overseeing the minor leagues in North America. All the minor leagues are independently owned and operated but they are directly related to the major league through the PDC which is the Player Development Contract.

The minor baseball leagues mostly consist of high school players who would want to make a career for themselves in baseball. Most of the major leagues have minor leagues structured in a particular way. The structures resemble the following; there is a Rookie team where the average age of players is 19 a mostly from high school and college. Another category of the minor league is Class A. this level is slightly above the Rookies team level. Other levels are Class AA or otherwise known as Double A with players at about 22 years of age and a little more experienced and Triple A which is just below the Major leagues.

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