Minor League Sports Business

Baseball remains a pastime, hobby and even a way of life throughout American, and global, culture. Ranging from community based Little League programs for youth to Major League baseball which is the penultimate stop for skilled players; all baseball teams, leagues and groups both spend money and generate income. One of the middle of the road options of baseball is minor league baseball. Baseball is not the only sport to have both major and minor league options, as both exist for football as well.

Minor league teams are for adults, some having played in college and others simply skilled enough to continue playing in to adulthood, in cities throughout the United States which are smaller in size and scale compared to the major league city counterparts. For example, a minor league baseball team in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is where players cut their teeth in a more professional setting before heading off to the major leagues in cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Many minor league teams support major league teams and thus is a major league team requires a replacement player, the minor leagues is where a recruiter would check to find a good fit.

The business side of minor league sports is quite similar to the major league teams. Stadiums need to be built for games to be played and seating needs to be ample enough to house fans. One aspect of getting a new or replacement stadium built for a minor league team is to use endorsements and advertising to help offset some of the costs of construction. This means that local and regional businesses pay for advertising space along the outfield wall and scoreboard. This allows fans to see the business name during all game play. Ticket sales are also revenue drivers for minor league baseball, and managers of minor league teams can incorporate them nights to help increase ticket sales to games. For example, if a local business wants advertising and recognition throughout a game, the company would donate items or services to be given away to fans during the game. Other revenue streams to support the business of minor league sports is through concession stand ales for food, drinks and sports items.

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