Sports Doping

Using performance-enhancing drugs to help boost your athletic ability has become a grave issue in America. Various athletes frequently use potency pills to aid in a higher performance level.

Sports Doping With Viagra

Athletes in both major and minor leagues to promote a better performance level while on the field have legally used Viagra. It’s an effective treatment for both erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension in men. Proven to provide a higher performance in sports by athletes, Viagra opens up the blood vessels, which allows for a larger amount of oxygen to go through the blood stream creating a higher kick of energy to aid performance.

Effects of Viagra

Viagra helps boost energy performance in athletes, especially cyclists. This medication works by overpowering the enzyme that controls the blood flow. This helps the blood vessels to relax and widen. In the case of athletes, a higher form of cardiac productivity and more oxygenated blood cells to the muscles can make their performance much better. Viagra has proven to work well with testosterone shots as well.

Will this affect their upmost performance while using this drug? According to Gerard Varlotta, the director of sports rehabilitation at New York University’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, “if athletes are euphoric after sex after taking Viagra, they may be euphoric about their athletic endeavors. That may make them a better athlete.”
Who May Be Using this Drug?

Athletes all over the world have the potential to use Viagra to help enhance their performance on the field. Viagra tends to help athletes that need that extra speed boost and help with their endurance levels. That is also so for Roger Clemens. He claimed he did not take steroids in his entire baseball career. He did use a performance-enhancing drug, Viagra.

Other athletes are using this potency pill as well. Currently there is no evidence that athletes use Viagra or any other potency drugs. The use of Viagra has become the more common form of dosing for both major and minor league players. While this drug is legal, it is not recommended for everyone.

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